Fee protection scheme

For some years now we have been running an insurance scheme which protects our clients against the costs of tax investigations. In recent years HMRC have changed the way they investigate tax returns and keeping this in mind we have changed the cover offered by our Fee Protection scheme to suit.

Our experience is that these investigations can be time consuming and costly.  These costs often bear no relation to the final tax settlement and can be very high, even when the taxpayer has done nothing wrong.

Random enquiries mean no one is immune.  The average full enquiry can cost several thousand pounds and contentious aspect enquiries can cost as much.

Business Support Helpline

Obtaining the right advice about employment law, health and safety, or commercial legal issues could be crucial to your business – but it could also be expensive.

Included at no extra cost for business clients in our TaxSure Fee Protection Scheme is access to a Business Support Helpline. If you would like a second opinion or a guiding hand, instant access to expert advice comes as part of the package.

Our consultants draw on specialist knowledge and experience to provide tailored, practical and realistic solutions. They all have many years’ experience gained in different industry backgrounds.

To find out more, please contact the Orcom Civvals partner you normally deal with by telephone (020 7258 3461) or email (enquiries@civvals.co.uk).

Fee Protection in Practice

Small family run-restaurant

The enquiry ran for four years, HMRC was adamant that sales had been understated but the only additions were minor and in respect of privateuse adjustments. Final accountancy fees required to provide the rightlevel of representation were just over £7,000.

Small family-run building firm

A VAT dispute which concerned the business’s VAT registration. The case was decided in the client’s favour and over £30,000 of VAT was saved.

The costs incurred in representing the client were approximately £8,500 over a three-year period.

Sole trader landscape gardener

HMRC claimed the gardener had understated his sales. The investigation ran for three years with fees approximately £7,000 being incurred to prove that the sales were not understated.

Medium sized retail firm

The enquiry ran for 18 months and the firm incurred just under £10,000 in accountancy fees as a result. Following the enquiry, all the company had to pay was a further £200 in tax.

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